Pegasus Agreement Meaning


On September 4, 1997, Pegasus ordered a Boeing Commercial Airplanes 737-400 and 737-800, becoming the first Turkish company to place an order for the Boeing 737 Next Generation. The airline also signed leases for 10,737-800 of the ILFC. [3] b) The fuel surcharge is a particular component of the cost of the fare, which is indicated separately from the base fare, since fuel is the most important cost item for airlines. The fuel surcharge is also influenced by the fuel agreements concluded by each airline and by the securing of fuels. Pegasus introduces a one-sided fixed fuel surcharge for domestic, Nordic and international flights (or their equivalent in another foreign currency). Please click here to check the fuel surcharges collected by Pegasus. 3.1 The company makes the services available to the customer in accordance with the attached letter, which may be amended by agreement between the company and the customer. Under the Pegasus BolBol program, claims from transactions with counterparties are registered in the member`s account from the date stipulated in the agreement between Pegasus and the counterparty and it is not possible to obtain BolPoints from transactions made by members prior to the date of the contract. Promotions announcements can be made on the Pegasus website and/or by the business partner. It is the responsibility of Members of Parliament to follow these announcements. Bolpoints earned by trading with business partners are credited to members at different frequency intervals.

Terms that are not defined in the general rules of Pegasus BolBol, but which are defined in the general rules of Pegasus, have the meaning attributed to them in the general rules of Pegasus. q) Pegasus website or website: all websites, mobile sites, micro-sites owned by Pegasus and/or operated by Pegasus, including, but not limited to and, as well as content accessible via Pegasus Mobile applications. Pegasus lyrics — Explore a wide selection of song lyrics that Pegasus has featured on the website. I have a flight that leaves Saturday at 12:20 to go to Istanbul, from where I will have my connecting to Athens. However, when I go to online check-in on the Pegasus Airlines website, this only shows for the moment the possibility of checking in for the part of the Istanbul-Athens flight. Is that normal? How can I check in for my share of the London-Istanbul flight, I want it to be recorded together? Does Pegasus have a kiosk at the stansted check-in? 3.1.3. Non-charter air services carried out by Pegasus on the basis of an agreement with a tour operator or other organiser. For these services, the service contract is concluded between the passenger and the tour operator or another organizer and Pegasus is not a party to this service company. The transport of cargo by Pegasus air is also carried out on the basis of a separate agreement between Pegasus and the shipper. The conditions set out in Pegasus` general rules apply only to the types of services covered in this paragraph, as long as they apply to those services. 2.2 The treaty constitutes the whole agreement between the contracting parties. The Client acknowledges that he did not rely on a statement, commitment, insurance, guarantee or guarantee provided by or on behalf of the company that is not stipulated in the contract.

Order: the customer service order set out in the customer`s order form, the written acceptance of an offer by the company by the customer or any other agreement. (a) Royalties are calculated according to the company`s standard hours schedule (the schedule is revised annually on April 1 and is currently set in the attached schedule) or in accordance with a royalty regime agreed in writing between the company and the customer.

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