Iuoe 963 Collective Agreement


The agreement was negotiated as part of the 2018 provincial framework agreement and now follows the standard framework for wage increases, three-year contracts and commitment to safety procedures. The union and the district met with a negotiator three times after Support employees voted 95 per cent in favour of a strike on October 17. The district`s initial offer was rejected in September by 93 percent of union members. The most important complaints were that assistance staff were the lowest paid neighbourhood, with an average of $3 to $5 per hour, and that they received one-third of the paid sick days that most school districts received. RELATED: Abbotsford School Support Staff votes 95 percent for the RELATED strike: Support employees vote to accept the final offer from Abbotsford District School The collective agreement Details of the new collective agreement are not yet published. The Teamsters Local 31 union, which represents more than 800 animators in the county, voted on November 25, after a six-time meeting with the county and an 83 percent negotiator, in favor of accepting the county`s final offer. The new contract expires for three years and expires in July 2022, two years less than the previous contract. According to a December 3 district staff report, it was agreed to increase salaries by 2%, increase sick days and adapt the ”work-banding” regime. Members of the Teamsters Local 31 union voted on November 25 in favor of the district`s final offer for a new collective agreement, according to Kayla Stuckart, the district`s communications manager. The union voted 95 per cent in favour of a strike on October 17 and rejected the county`s initial offer in September. The first details of the new collective agreement between the Abbotsford School District and its officials have been made public. Please note that copies of the new agreement will be provided to all pages as soon as it is printed by the VBE.

The Board of Directors of School District No. 39 (Vancouver) and The Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 15, 2019 July 01 to 2022 June 30 Thanks for answering all media questions: Jordi Weidman Director of Communications Phone: 780-963-8473 Cell: 780-504-3146 Email: jweidman@psd70.ab.ca . Vancouver Teachers` Federation/Vancouver Board of Education Agreement, 2013-2019 IUOE Local 963/Vancouver Board of Education Collective Agreement 2019-2022 is available here: The Trustees Council ratified the Memorandum of Understanding at a special Board meeting on December 3, 2015.

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