Cps Contract Agreement


The tentative agreement between Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers` Union was passed Wednesday night by CTU`s elected delegates by 362-242 distant votes. The agreement is still subject to the union`s agreement. And CPS doesn`t need to set the costs yet. If no changes have been made to the above documents, the language remains in effect in the agreement below. Combine the ta language changes in the above documents with the language in the agreement below to get the full effective language. CTU is in the process of combining this language to create a complete text of the current agreement. Several provisions of the interim agreement deal with immigration issues. A new implementation procedure would involve a joint board with effect in the next school year, capable of defining corrective measures. In cases where classes exceed ”excessive” class limits, ”there will be an automatic investigation by the Joint Council, which will result in a funded appeal,” says a copy of the interim agreement. See Non-Board Report and Non-CPOR Contract Awards (PDF | Table) for other contracting contracts (including bids of up to $150,000 and non-competitive contracts up to $150,000). Change of contract from 2015-19 contract to 2019-24 And CPS will increase its total number of support staff for specialized pedagogy until the end of the contract. Here are the key resources that will help you understand the interim agreement and prepare for the ratification vote.

The Sustainable Community Schools program would continue, with a minimum of $10 million per year of contract for efforts that could include medical or psychological services for the school community; coordinators for the restoration of justice; Extensive after-school programs for students and use of facilities for residents; Professional development for parents, students and staff; Food pantries Helping students in temporary life situations. The agreement also pays more attention to special students and promises that by July 2023, CPS will provide at least one part-time case manager for each school of 50 students in individualized education plans, with levels of up to 2.5 for schools with 300 or more students. Note: The above salary table contains the salary increases for Veterans that were finally agreed and distributed on July 24, 2020. You can also download the initial pay table that was spent on the preliminary agreement vote if you want to use it z.B to calculate your Veteran`s salary check. The 41-day agreement contains details on everything from salary increases to class size restrictions. This information is provided in accordance with school district contract reporting obligations, SB 783 (P.A. 95-707), to the FY2008 Budget Implementation Act (”Act”), Illinois School Code (105 ILCS 5/10-20.44). In the union`s most critical issues, leaders reported a significant increase in staff and class sizes, but did not get most of the preparation time they were looking for. The provisional agreement provides for a five-year contract that would include the union at two years as desired. The agreement would also give workers up to 10 days of unpaid work ”to deal with immigration or citizenship issues.” Here you will find information on CPS collective agreements, collective agreements and general information on CPS collective bargaining.

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